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Like a soothing spa day for your smile, our $99* new patient special offer includes the top-notch preventive care you need to maintain gleaming oral health. Step into comfort and confidence at Kimbrough Dental Associates.

*New patients only. Not valid in cases of periodontal disease. Cannot be used with insurance.


New Patient Special:

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$99 New Patient Special Includes

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Thorough Cleaning

One of our kind and informative hygienists will treat your teeth to a detailed cleaning, gently polishing away any plaque and cleansing those hard-to-reach spots of your smile.

Comprehensive exam

Comprehensive Exam

Proactive care is key to keeping your smile healthy and happy for years to come. To ensure total dental wellness, we’ll carefully take a look at your teeth, gums, and mouth.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-Rays

Our safe and efficient digital x-rays will comfortably capture your entire smile with matchless precision, giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve for optimal oral health.

Level up your confidence and clarity with free consultations and second opinions.

From free implant and Invisalign consultations to expert second opinions, Dr. Wilson will partner alongside you with honest, personalized guidance to help make your dental goals happen. Schedule your complimentary consult today! We can’t wait to chat.

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Have Questions About Kimbrough Dental Associates?

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (417) 887-5661 to speak with our team!

Will There Be Any Additional Costs at My First Visit?

As long as you’re a new patient and you don’t require periodontal treatment, there will be no additional costs at your first visit! Our $99 special offer will completely cover your cleaning, exam, and x-rays. If Dr. Wilson notices any dental issues, she will always address your needs with respect and provide a treatment plan that fits your budget.

What Happens After My First Visit?

After your first visit, you’ll leave our office with a dazzling smile and a dental treatment plan tailored just for you! To help sustain your oral health, we also encourage you to drop by within the next six months for a routine preventive cleaning.

Can I Use Dental Insurance?

Of course! We’re glad to accept a wide range of dental insurance plans at our office. Simply keep in mind that our $99 new patient special can’t be combined with insurance.

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Upbeat Team

No matter where you’re at in your dental journey, our happy and approachable team will meet you right there with engaging, knowledgeable care.

Inviting Office

Featuring a beverage station, warm baked treats, aromatherapy diffusers, and more, our thoughtfully-curated office is filled with refreshing details that will elevate your visits.

Community Involvement

We’re a small business with a big heart, so we’re always looking for ways to extend our care through active charitable work for our beloved local community.